How to ask money from online lenders?

When we have a negative credit history, it is very difficult for us to approve a loan application. However, thanks to online lenders, all Mexicans have the possibility to get financing instantly.

In our country we have seen how the loan options were expanded thanks to technology and internet. The success of the online financial market is due for example to the range of possibilities at our disposal and also to the fact that the credit history is not something that conditions us.

Credits were used to buy a car, a house or go on vacation


Until a few years ago in Mexico, only one loan could be accessed through an application in a bank which should be accompanied by a large folder with documents and guarantees. The amounts were higher than we needed and the interests of course usurers. These credits were used to buy a car, a house or go on vacation to an exotic destination.

However, in recent times online lenders have changed the credit paradigm. We no longer have to present dozens of papers in the offices of the great financiers but we can request money through the internet and with amounts more in line with our particular needs.

Microcredits and lenders

Microcredits and lenders

The so-called “microcredits” allow us to have cash on the same day to solve any unforeseen events that arise as a medical treatment, the purchase of a refrigerator or the repair of our vehicle. That is to say, they are designed for an expense that cannot wait for the next pay or in the bank to analyze our case.

Online lenders are private entities that ignore the known abuses by banks and prevent people from becoming indebted in such a way that they cannot leave the well in which they have fallen. Small online credits reduce stress and worries because they are very easy to obtain and above all to return.

To access one of these products the steps are very simple. And the good news is that the applicant’s credit history does not matter. That is a fact that lenders do not take into account when granting money. If you are in a vulnerable situation and your name is on the national list of delinquents, do not worry because you can also apply on our site.

Online lenders: how they work

To get money being delinquent you can enter our main page and use the simulator by placing the amount and the repayment term. We will give you a list with the most important lenders in the country so that you know their products and their characteristics.

Then we will ask you to complete a very simple application format. The information you must enter is: name and surname, address, telephone number, email address and bank account number. In some cases it must be demonstrated that the client has a job or a fixed income such as a pension, an income or unemployment insurance.

At no time is being a debtor an obstacle to obtaining a loan on our platform. Interest varies according to the amount and number of days needed for the money back. You should keep in mind that fees are not paid but the total amount on the day scheduled in the application. In a matter of minutes the case is analyzed and the resolution is sent by email. Then it only remains to wait for the bank of which we are customers to credit the money in our account. And you can use it as you wish!

How much money do you want? $ When will you return it? days Return Date: Loan Costs 0 Total to return All asd data is safe with SSL encryption Loan to be repaid in a minimum of 65 days and a maximum of 90 days, with a minimum APR of 188.44% and a maximum of 203.72%. Representative example for the first fast loan: $ 5,000 to be repaid in 65 days. Interest and fees: $ 704.05. Total amount to be returned: $ 5704.05; APR: 203.72%, fixed monthly: 9.7%. APR: 203.72%, fixed monthly: 9.7%.

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